No doubt, you’ve been hearing about Hemp CBD oil non-stop for the past few months. It’s definitely a hot topic and for good reason. While many products fail to live up to the hype, CBD doesn’t. The more people that use, the more people fall in love and won’t stop talking about it. It’s also a big deal to mention that it isn’t a narrow scope product, meaning it treats a huge amount of conditions, not just one or two. Pain, MS, digestive issues,inflammation, skin care, and yes, hemp shampoo is actually thing which can help with scalp issues. Hemp derived CBD can be consumed for massive benefits and it can be applied externally with equally great results. Impressed yet? You should be. So in this article we are going to talk about how CBD helps with hair and scalp care. You are also going to be introduced to AnaGain. These two ingredients together can do some amazing stuff, so buckle up.

What Hemp Derived CBD Isn’t

Many people get confused and think that Hemp is Marijuana. It’s not.
Many people think CBD can get you high. It can’t.

Both Hemp and Marijuana are part of the Cannabis species, the difference is hemp is high in CBD and very low in THC (the compound that gets you high) while Marijuana is low in CBD and high in THC.
They both can aid with a great many ailments and conditions it’s just that CBD does it better and without getting you high.

The Advantages of CBD Oil For Hair

CBD oil has just recently been discovered to help preserve scalp health, stimulate hair regrowth, curb hair loss, prevent graying, prevent hair damage and conditions hair. Issues like oiliness, dandruff, and scalp inflammation can prevent the your follicles from doing their job. CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antihistamine and analgesic. It can look after nearly every type of scalp concern that there is. There is a reason we are starting to see more and more hemp hair products such as hemp oil shampoo.

Let’s have an look at what it can do for your hair:


1) Hemp Oil Promotes Hair Growth

If you wish to grow longer hair, hemp oil might be just what you need. The fats in hemp oil (omegas 3, 6, and 9) stimulate hair growth. The natural proteins in hemp oil likewise add to the production of keratin, which can assist you in growing your hair longer.

2) Hemp Oil Strengthens Your Hair To Reduce Potential Damage

The exact same fatty acids and proteins that promote hair development likewise strengthen your hair to prevent damage. Add in the strengthening properties of another natural chemical in hemp oil (gamma linoleic acid, or GLA) and you have a winner for fighting split ends and dry, breakable hair.

3) Hemp Oil Moisturizes Your Hair

Hemp CBD oil has lipids that add moisture to your hair. That keeps your hair versatile and glossy.
The great thing about the lipids in hemp oil is that your hair will constantly absorb them. Your hair never gets full of them. The more lipids your hair absorbs the healthier and more manageable it will end up being.

4) Hemp Oil Offers Your Hair More Body

The mix of strength, growth and moisture that hemp oil supplies offers your hair more body. Hair with body looks healthier and is simpler to style.

5) Hemp Oil Treats & Prevents Dandruff

Dandruff is what is caused by extreme dryness on the surface of your skin. Dandruff isn’t just undesirable for the flakes it leaves all over your clothes, it can also cause the skin on your head to become very itchy, uncomfortable or even painful.

Hemp oil can deal with and avoid dandruff by:

-Opening capillaries in your scalp and increasing blood flow
-Moisturizing skin so that it doesn’t flake off
-The combination of improved circulation and hydrated, healthy skin can treat and clean up existing dandruff, and even avoid it from happening at all.

6) Hemp Oil Cures Scalp Infections

If dry, scratchy, dandruff-prone skin is left neglected, it can result in agonizing scalp infections. The moisturizing power of the omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, and gamma linoleic acid in hemp oil can treat an existing infection and prevent dry, scratchy skin from returning.

7) Normalize your Scalp

CBD oil stabilizes the oil your scalp naturally creates, conditioning your hair and making it less frizzy. It likewise helps to make hair more manageable and keeps outside toxins from harming your hair more than usual. In other words, CBD oil keeps your hair strong and healthy while avoiding further damage. It also assists to keep your hair shiny and strong and helps to avoid the itching that comes with poorly rinsed hair and other scalp problems.

8) Less Gray Hair

CBD also assists in stopping the damage of the pigment cells in your hair follicles, which is why it helps to stop hair from going gray.

AnaGain For Hair Growth

Hair loss affects woman and men and is caused by an imbalance in the growth cycle when too many hairs remains in a resting stage.
Each hair follicle undergoes an independent growth cycle and originates from what the hair matrix calls the growing phase; anagen. This is followed by the resting phase catagen and then the regression phase called telogen. Exogen is the shedding which leads to kenogen which is the time when the follicle is which leads back into anagen.
AnaGain is based on organic pea sprout extract which is produced by an environmentally friendly process. Sprouts with the highest level of phytonutrients are used since these are health promoting compounds that help protect the plant from pathogens, extreme UV and pollutants. The nutrients extracted from AnaGain penetrate the deepest part of the hair at the bulb. AnaGain stimulates the dermal pappilla cells to produce specific signaling molecules required to successfully initiate the growth of new hair. As a result those molecules shorten the resting period of the hair and promote the proliferation of hair matrix cells to start a new growing phase. AnaGain stimulates hair growth at the root, prolongs the life cycle of the hair and fully restores it’s vitality, for denser hair in just 3 months.


CTFO CBD hair products


CTFO Hemp Shampoo with AnaGain For Hair Growth


CTFO Hemp Shampoo

From $49.97 USD

This CBD shampoo is the 1st step of a 4 part system to help increase hair growth. AnaGain stimulates very precise signal molecules in the hairs root to restart and promote hair growth. AnaGain blended with 50mg of CBD per bottle aids in giving your hair the nourishment and stimulation it requires to grow fuller and thicker! This product is meant to be used in a 4-step system but it can also be used separately with great results.

· STIMULATES overall hair growth

· PROMOTES healthier hair

· NATURAL way to fuller and thicker hair

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CTFO Hemp Conditioner with AnaGain For Hair Growth


CTFO Hemp Conditioner


From $49.97 USD

CTFO’s new AnaGain hemp oil conditioner is the 2nd step of a 4 part system to help with hair growth. This product is meant to be used in a 4-step system but definitely can be used separately with amazing results.

50mg of CBD per container

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CTFO Hair Growth Leave In Solution with AnaGain


CTFO CBD leave in hair solution


From $49.97 USD

CTFO’s leave-in solution is the 3rd part of a 4 part system to aid in increasing hair growth. Although it’s part of a system it can be used separately.

100mg of CBD per container

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CTFO Hair Growth Moisture Treatment with AnaGain

CTFO CBD hair mask

From $59.97 USD

CTFO’s hair mask moisture treatment is generally used once or twice per week but can be used up to 5x if needed. This is the last step of the 4 part system to help increase your hair growth. After using this treatment, follow up with both shampoo and conditioner. This product can be used separately but works best as part of the system
100mg of CBD per container

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You can get the entire system CBD hair growth system here.


With all the talk about what CBD can do inside of you, it is often overlooked as to just how great it can be on you. AnaGain is a newer ingredient but is rapidly starting to turn heads with many people claiming much thicker hair in a short amount of time.
As with all things, make sure you are buying a quality product by checking what’s in the container. All CTFO CBD is 3rd party lab tested to ensure quality and are available to look at. There is noting to hide here.
If you are wanting to shake up your daily styling routine and switch to a hemp hair product line then this is the one. Unique and effective the CBD – AnaGain line will give you stunning results.

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