CBD coffee is hot (literally) and is among the fastest growing niches in the cannabis sector. There are coffee shops popping up all over offering infused mochas, lattes, and chai blends. CBD infused coffee is also making a massive buzz with the brew at home market, with an increasing number of companies offering the duo as whole beans, as ground coffee or in pods.
We already know that CBD is a great supplement that can be taken in various ways. From oils to edibles and lets not forget about creams, there’s a CBD product for everyone. This new coffee CBD formula is just the newest and most appealing way to get it into you. Add some keto coffee creamer and you’re starting your day off right!


Why Mix Coffee & CBD?

So if you think adding CBD into your coffee seems sort of counter-productive, that’s because it kind of is. Many feel that the practice is pointless as the 2 cancel each other out. That mindset is partially true but, there is a little more to it than that. CBD is well known for offsetting the effects of other compounds but not in a bad way. It’s been shown that CBD can help offset and lessen the harsher impacts of THC when combined together and it works in a similar way here with caffeine. So for individuals that are trying to tread the fine line between alertness and productivity, the 2 compounds seem to be useful.
Studies have shown that caffeine can offset some of the minor sedating effects of CBD that a small amount of people feel. This is great for those who want the best of both worlds.
There are also a number of people that are sensitive to caffeine that have found by adding CBD to their coffee it helps to reduce the harsher effects of the stimulant, resulting in energy without the jitters. Many others say it helps them to start their morning more effectively, increases their alertness, or even results in a 2nd round of focus in the afternoon.
This CBD caffeine combo might be useful for those with high levels of anxiousness as it might allow them to receive the benefits of a fresh cup of coffee without the often associated over-stimulation. It can aid with increasing concentration as well as increase energy levels without the jitters, which can sometimes be associated with larger doses of caffeine.


Take The Plunge-CBD Infused Coffee

Mixing CBD with your sacred morning coffee is a great way of taking CBD as a supplement because it fits well into most peoples routine. Many people forget to take meds or supplements but who forgets their morning coffee. Certainly not me! Simply get into the habit of mixing CBD into your coffee and voila, delicious, healthy, alertness.!
Some companies carry CBD coffee so you can try some of these premade products, but we recommend adding the oil yourself. We’ll discuss why in more detail below.


Timing Of Effects

The average starts experiencing the effects of coffee in about 10 mins, then within 45-60 mins of drinking the coffee, the body will have processed ninety-nine percent of that consumed caffeine. Then that 150 mg’s of caffeine (average dose from a strong cup of Joe) will continue to effect your system for approximately 5 hours.
CBD takes from thirty mins to 1 hour to show it’s effects when ingested and will influence most peoples bodies for hours. FYI… Vaping and taking oil under your tongue will definitely speed up the speed of the effects vs ingestion.
So the takeaway here is that coffee and CBD are a fantastic match in terms of effects and timings.


CBD Coffee Benefits

Much of the newer research is now explaining the benefits of hemp and why it was so commonly used years ago. Cannabis plants produce compounds called cannabinoids and these cannabinoids help create balance or homeostasis in your endocannabinoid system (ECS).
What If Your ECS isn’t balanced?
If your ECS isn’t in homeostasis it can lead to symptoms such as pain, inflammation, digestive issues as well as a slew of other bigger problems.


What To Expect

We all know that coffee can up your alertness and energy but it can also cause jitters and anxiousness. CBD can minimize stress and anxiety, regulate an individuals mood, thus taking the harshness out of caffeine without removing its benefits. The key as with all things is moderation.

– Treat yourself to supercharged cup of coffee
– Help Alleviate Inflammation & Pain
– Feel Alert, Focused & Calm

We talked about how they work together and how CBD helps to balance caffeine, but it does a lot more than just that. Hemp Oil contains phyto-cannabinoids that interact with your ECS. It’s taken for it’s ability to help with certain wellness properties. That’s because it’s an: anti-inflamatory, antioxidant, anti-emetic and analgesic to list just several. This oil is naturally rich in phyto-cannabinoids, has amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. Hemp Derived CBD Oil are very low in THC so they are non-psychoactive so you won’t get high.


The Best CBD Coffee.

Like we mentioned earlier you can buy pre-made combos as either beans or pre-ground but we don’t feel that is anywhere near the best way to take the combo.
While you could get lucky and find a coffee you like, the reality is everyone’s tastes are different and many coffee drinkers do have a preference to the types or roasts of coffee they consume. So there is the actual coffee that is an unknown.
Now you have to find out about the quality of CBD that was used. Was it organic, pesticide free, non-gmo, CO2 extracted and processed in a GMP certified facility? Is it really as potent as it’s being said to be with 3rd party lab results to prove the products breakdown?
Lastly, there is the CBD amount. Like most things, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Some people need just a little CBD while others might need quite a bit more. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to customize the dose to each specific person.
The #1 reason people have to compromise on all of the above is because CBD is most commonly found as an oil and of course oil and water (in this case coffee) don’t mix. This will obviously create a oily film floating around the top of your precious coffee.


Here is the way to get the best cbd coffee.

10x pure for the best cbd coffee


Use a hydrophilic (water soluble) cbd oil like 10x pure. This way you get a top tier product that is actually patent and checks all of the boxes for quality and it will mix right into your coffee with no film. Actually 10x pure offers more than other cbd oils, just click here to find out more.
After letting the coffee cool just a little you can now use the dropper to add the specific amount needed for you to your favorite brand and blend. The added bonus to that is you can have several blends for different times of the day and add it as needed. Perfection!



CBD Bulletproof Coffee

For all you on keto here is a great life hack to add even more goodness to your bulletproof coffee recipes. Because bulletproof coffee was designed to mix the oils/butter with your coffee, the standard CBD oil will emulsify here.
Brew yourself your usual cup of coffee, but make sure it has cooled a bit. To maintain its beneficial properties, CBD shouldn’t be exposed to too much heat.
Now add the coconut oil and butter amounts that you normally use for your recipe and add in your CBD oil as well.
The final step is to pour it into a blender and hit blend until it becomes light and frothy. Now pour it back into a mug and enjoy!


As time goes on we are seeing more and more niches pop up in regards to CBD. This is due to CBD being so versatile in the ways it can share it’s benefits. Stay tuned because I’m sure they’ll be more unique uses that popup as time goes on.


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