CTFO Pain Free-ze CBD Rub

Chill. Relax. Feel Better.

CBD Rub Pain Free-ze

Preferred Price $36.97 USD
Retail Price $50.97 USD

Our Hemp Rub is a top tier topical analgesic that uses Cryotherapy (cold therapy) to “freeze” away the pain. It’s the perfect answer to joint ailments and muscle aches! This CBD rub has 50 mg of CBD that helps to melt away tension from sore muscles. CTFO’s cannabis rub contains cooling menthol to help get into the troubled area quickly and help out with focused relief at the point of pain. Simply apply generously to any areas that are sore or experiencing pain.

• Great for sore joints & muscles, back pain, and joint inflammation.

• Experience the comforting sensation of being pain free.

• Long lasting relief.