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The goal with this page is to bring you CTFO CBD reviews and testimonials so you can see what it’s all about. In today’s society, reviews and testimonials are of paramount importance. People want to hear from others about their experiences with products and or services. Let’s face it, the world is a much smaller place now with the creation and constant use of social media and communication apps. This makes it so easy to leave your thoughts and opinions about products which in turn helps others to make an informed decision. Testimonials aren’t sales pitches, they instead establish or remove credibility for a company. This is why I feel it is important to share what people think about the company and products with these CTFO reviews and more specifically CTFO CBD oil reviews. If you are skeptical or uncertain about CBD products then hopefully some of these will help you like they helped me.

CTFO scam? Many people rightfully are cautious with new companies and purchases but CBD is a rapidly growing industry and CTFO is leading the charge to help people obtain the amazing benefits it can offer, either through using CBD products, building your own CBD business, or both. For health or for income, for friends and family or for pets, CTFO has something to offer almost everyone. You’ll see just how many people have come to rely on and trust CTFO. Have a look, ask any questions you might have and get involved today.

CTFO Testimonials 1

I’ll be honest, when I started looking for a CBD brand to try I went right to looking for positive reviews and testimonials. That led me straight to CTFO. It’s unbelievable how many consistently positive reviews they have and they’ve only been around for a year now. It’s hard to find brands that stand behind their products but these guys definitely do. I’m very impressed with the results that I’ve seen and I highly recommend them.


CTFO CBD testimonials

A friend of mine recommended CTFO. I’ve been using the 750mg oil and am amazed at what it has done for me. Having tried other brands I can say with confidence that the taste, effectiveness, and overall quality of this oil has made it my go to brand.


CBD testimonial CTFO

I don’t usually write reviews but just have to for CTFO. They have such great products that get results fast and they back it all up. 3rd party lab results so I know what’s in the bottle as well as a 60 day empty bottle guarantee! Are you kidding me? What other CBD company does that. Needless to say, I’m a customer for life.


CBS sleep testimonial

A great day is based on a great nights sleep. Getting quality sleep has been difficult for me but now I easily fall asleep and stay asleep. Honestly it’s something I haven’t experienced in quite some time. Needless to say the sleep spray is my new best friend and helps me get the most out of my days at work and the time with my family.

ctfo product reviews and testimonials

Wow. I didn’t realize how much the weight loss spray was helping me stop my bad eating habits until I ran out. This afternoon I am wanting to eat all the time again! I must order more Weight Loss Spray soon!


Musculoskeletal pain and Pain Relief
I have suffered with musculoskeletal pain and related issues, as well as spine injuries, over the last 33 years. Joint pain made walking and standing intolerable. Unstable moods and a poor sense of well being were a constant battle as well.
I have tried almost every medication imaginable. Some of them helped temporarily but my pain and mood grew worse daily. I received regular epidural spinal cortisone injections every couple of months. That too offered temporary relief.
I started researching CBD several months ago and tried more than a couple of less expensive options with No positive results.
I began using CTFO CBD Oils and had Unbelievable results. I no longer need a cane to walk. My pain throughout my body was gone. I even noticed that I didn’t have headaches from which I suffered every day since I was a teenager!
Joint and muscle pain had me nearly bed ridden. Sleep, without medication, was non existent besides naps here and there.
After using CBD oil for a couple of weeks, my joint pain symptoms became manageable. I can now sleep 6 hours consecutively! I feel 20 years younger after 3 months.
CTFO CBD Oils gave me my life back! I believe God brought CTFO into my life to help myself and others. I have found my WHY!


I have back pain and joint inflammation that restrict mobility which has led to me being in pain management. I took some of the 500 mg CBD and very quickly noticed my pain was significantly reduced. I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. What a wonderful feeling. Thank God for this product.


Dry, chapped skin and Pain Inflammation Relief
Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share an update with you all. My husband is on Day 3 of using Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil on his leg. He is showing so much improvement!!

Before using CBD products he never got this much improvement. CTFO CBD products are unbelievable!!


Pain Relief

A dear friend of mine signed with CTFO a month ago and just started on the 500 mg CBD oil. Here is her awesome testimonial

“I was diagnosed with Musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues and a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs several years ago. I have been under a doctor’s care ever since.

You cannot tell by looking at me that anything is wrong, and I have tried really hard to act like it wasn’t. But some days the pain was so bad it brought me down. For seventeen years I haven’t been able to sleep well and with Musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues the sleep pattern plays a big part in the disease. It is like a vicious cycle, you can’t sleep because you hurt so bad and you hurt so bad you can’t sleep.

The lack of sleep exacerbates the problem. A simple hug from someone hurts me. I have even had tears come to my eyes when someone hugged me. My flesh hurts. If you touch my upper arm or back or legs it hurts. If you have never experienced this then I am glad for you but it is real, not imagined, as once thought.

I have often told my family, if you could put me under a scan and it would show my pain you would be so shocked at how much pain that I have been in. My doctor told me that my nerve endings were frazzled much like a rope can become frazzled or frayed and they react like open nerve endings. The cold is a killer. It sets off the pain and I simply cannot stay in it. For a year now, I have been reading about CBD oil and keep saying that I was going to try it, but kept delaying it.

Finally, at a friend’s insistence, I got it and have tried it for one week and one day. I am happy to report that this stuff really works. My pain is decreased by 95%. I still cannot stand for the cold air to blow on me, but hey, I am so delighted to feel this relief that I am overjoyed. I would tell anyone with nagging pain to give it a try because for me, it works.

I have also experienced better sleep and as I stated, this is only 1 week and 1 day. I am thankful to God that this has helped me. I have already cut my sleep meds in half and expect to soon be completely free of them.

This product is good for so many things and has no side effects and is completely 100% pure and safe. It has a 60-day money back guarantee which is one of the reasons I tried it.


Weight Loss, Regular sleep patterns, Joint Inflammation Relief, Improved sense of well being, Energy Support, Digestive Support

I am taking CBD now for 2 1/2 month and wanted to share what I’ve been experiencing. I have digestive issues. I do not get the nutrients out of my diet and have been binge eating, suffered from a poor sense of well being and sleeplessness. Thus my knee joints and fingers were constantly inflamed and hurting.

The first thing I felt a short time after taking my first CBD was the pain relief in my knees. I also slept wonderful. I was intrigued!

My sleep quality improved, I started to have more energy and slowly but surely my sense of well being improved. In week 3 I stopped binging. I felt so nourished from the CBD and decided I wanted to improve my way of eating. So far I lost 10 pounds! The swelling in my legs decreased and I’ve been seeing improvements in my skin, hair and nails as well. My digestion is getting better and better!

I am absolutely fascinated what CBD does and want to bring it to as many people as possible! They deserve to have their own success story!

Thank you CTFO for making this wonderful gift for us!


CBD and aging pets

My German Shepherd is almost 10. He jumped out a window twice after a squirrel with a 10 ft. Drop and damaged his hips. For 2 yrs he has hopped with his back legs together. I put a couple drops of CBD oil on his food and I’m absolutely amazed at his ability to run and use his legs!!!


Joint Inflammation and Stiffness

My Mom has suffered for many, many years with various types of joint inflammation in her hands. Always in burning, throbbing pain, loss of grip and emotional frustration as she was not able to do the things she was used to doing. She has spent endless hours awake at night and way to much money on over the counter creams, sprays and oral medications. After 1 day of using CTFO Ultimate Deep Healing Cream with Emu Oil, she is smiling, no fustration, no burning or throbbing in her hands, she has regained grip ( back to knitting she goes) and she has CTFO to Thank.

She has found the Gold at the end of her Rainbow, Ultimate Deep Healing Cream with Emu Oil and CTFO.


Back and hip pain:

I received this message from a friend last night after using 1500 mg for 10 days. It’s messages like this that makes me KNOW that we have to share our products with everyone we care about:

First a little history on me. I have been a brick mason for going on 41 years. I played football and baseball from around 8 yrs old to end of high shool and played semi pro baseball until I was about 30 and played softball also through those years too. So my body has been through alot over many years. I have had back surgery on my lower back because I cracked a disc and they had to take the damaged part out and had to let it grow back. I am also babying a bad hip that will have to be replaced fairly soon. I have to sleep sitting up or close to it every night because of my back. I have been this way for going on 10 + years… before and after my surgery. I am still working daily doing the bricklaying, stone, block, etc. but my body is so wore out that I don’t know how much longer I can go. I am in pain every day and night and without the above mentioned medicines I prob. couldn’t make it very long at what I do. So… when I took the 1500 isolate drops on Fri. night I knew I had to work on Sat and had to take down 35′ high scaffolding from a chimney that I had built about a week earlier. While building the scaffolding I hurt all the time but when I was taking it down I did not hurt at all. I usually get sharp pains in my hip like a knife sticking me and I had none while taking it down. That lasted for 3 days…no pain… but on the 4th day I did start having the sharp pains again. Not as bad as before but was having pain. I went up in drops from 15 to 20 and that took almost all of my pain away but still have the shooting pains in my hip but at a lesser regularity. I think my hip is pretty gone and don’t know if anything will take away ALL the pain until I get it taken care of. But I would say 85% to 90% of my back pain is gone. I will try tweaking the dosage until I get it but I can honestly say that the oil has helped significantly it has only been a little over a week since I started it. I couldn’t walk 100′ before without stopping because of the sharp pains in my hip…now I don’t have to stop at all.. I go to Menard’s or Lowe’s about every day to get materials and would always have to stop half way through the store to wait till it stopped hurting. I would stand there acting like I was looking at something until I could go on. Now I don’t do that at all. and I am sleeping much better also! Love this stuff…


Relief of High Pressure in Arteries

Until I started taking CTFO CBD oil, I had high pressure in my arteries.
After a month of using the oil, I have had noticeable improvements.
I feel much better. Another Dr app’t in the next week will tell the tale .


Poor sense of Well-being, numbness, tingling, and shooting pain—usually centered in the areas of the buttocks and lower hips, sleep issues, low energy, weight loss Relief

Back in April I started a journey with CBD oil. I was feeling very down, lots of lowered sense of well-being, bulging disc with numbness, tingling, and shooting pain—usually centered in the areas of the buttocks and lower hips, pain in my hip, down the back of my leg. Feeling hopeless about life in general... While playing a video game, I received a call from a dear cousin who was taking CBD, with a free business opportunity. I had heard about CBD here and there and that it was good for sense of well-being, but never gave it a second thought for I was very cloudy about the whole marijuana thing because of #1 I’m in recovery and #2 when I smoked back in the day it increased my lowered sense of well-being 10 fold.

My cousin explained that CBD had no psychoactive symptoms and he was getting great results with his lowered sense of well-being, it had diminished substantially. First off, I was ANTI multi-level marketing, I didn’t want to be that guy. The business was free to join so I said what the heck, and I could try CBD.

Once I got my first bottle, within about 9 days my sense of well-being was better, my all around mood went from eh! to Yes!! I also was very surprised about my numbness, tingling, and shooting pain—usually centered in the areas of the buttocks and lower hips pain, it was gone, I felt no pain from it.

Since then, it’s gotten even better, even better sense of well-being, sleeping great, and I have a sleep disorder, and It’s also helping me lose the weight I have gained.

And yes no pain from numbness, tingling, and shooting pain—usually centered in the areas of the buttocks and lower hips. The crazy thing is I have a team of distributors helping make me create another income stream, that could lead to early retirement. I want to thank my cousin for reaching out to me that day. I love you cuz!


Back Pain Relief

I worked as an assembly line worker for 4 years in a manufacturing company building engines. August 2015 I injured my back lifting a heavy part, while on the line. I could barely walk in the plant, and it seem like every day it got worse. I had to go to therapy and couldn’t really take pain medication for my back injury because of GI bleeds. I couldn’t handle my job and was terminated December 2017. I remember praying to God to help me because I was hopeless at that point. No Job , poor health. February 2018, I discovered CBD oil. I honestly can say my prayers has been answered & today my back has seen significant improvements. My CTFO Team is growing, and it feels good to be able to do what I love again. I thank God everyday for Changing The Future Outcome!


Pain Relief

I have had issues with my lungs since my mid 20’s. This is an autoimmune disease, and with this disease and the drugs my nerve system is bad. I have tried everything for the pain. With this Neuropathy, my feet were numb but I also had terrible pain, felt like fire and stabbing.

My wife found CBD on line she is always trying to find something to lesson my pain. I have been taking CBD for a while now and am glad to announce that the numbness is mostly gone and the pain is to a much more tolerable level.

My hope is continuing to take CBD will only make it better. I have the rotator cuff pain – 2 surgeries then a 3rd to try and fix what was done wrong, and now the shoulder is nearly destroyed.
I had daily pain. Now very little pain.


Pain Relief

I had the opportunity to use the Deep Healing Pain Cream after a crushing injury to my left ring finger — what a relief!!! The throbbing pain decreased within an hour and within 24 hours, the swelling decreased. As someone who is unable to take narcotics/opioids, this pain cream made a huge difference to me!


How’s that for a wide assortment of CTFO reviews and CTFO CBD oil reviews for a variety of conditions? As you can see CBD can help with everything from pain, skin conditions to sleep.

Want more? OK…..here you go! Back to the reviews.

Pet – Thunderstorm Sense of Well-Being and Phobia Relief

Had to leave my pet for a while today and was a little nervous because of this horrible storm. She is severely thunderstorm phobic. As we pulled in to the neighborhood just now, a huge lightning strike and loud thunder made me think she may be in a major panic when walking in the door…and all that worry was for nothing!

Dosed her with CTFO CBD Oil before leaving the house and although I KNEW she has had great results in the past, I was still concerned. Well here she is, fast asleep…and the storm rages on! Grateful for this product!!


Knee Pain Relief

My knee pain is virtually gone.
I’ve been using the CTFO oil for about a month.

The CTFO brand seems to have more efficacy than the previous brand(s) of CBD oil I have used. Following the suggested servings of 20 drops sublingually 2x per day has virtually eliminated my knee pain.I worked on my knees as a floor layer installing carpet, tile and linoleum for years.

I was prescribed opiates for the pain for several years but really didn’t like the side effects.

To sum up I will be ordering more CTFO products including the pet line for my chocolate Lab who is starting to have some joint pain.


Pain Relief

My go to when it’s overwhelming off the chart pain.

Today was a day of celebrating for us but also came with paybacks from my body. You see I have one of those invisible conditions that you have pain all over all the time. But it decided it would throw me exorbitant amounts of pain this evening.My old norm would have been adding extra doses of pain meds (because I lived on pain meds), nope not this time! Besides my daily 2 -4 doses of 750 CBD oil I added the Pain Relief Oral Spray, which works amazingly fast and one of my favorites the Ultimate Deep Healing Cream. Yep it worked and not only worked but way faster than and drugs would have!

These products are life savers!


Cant sleep???

Here’s My testimony of CTFO SLEEP support spray and CBD OIL!!

In my 1st order I ordered sleep support spray and 750 oil.Before CTFO I took sleep aid or unisome and would drink a glass of wine to help me sleep and with all of that I would still wake up several times. Why so many bottles of Unisom in my pic, because when they were on sale I would buy them up!!! I was taking 2 sleep gels a night not the recommended dosage of one and with a glass of wine!!

Now CBD OIL and SLEEP support spray is all I take and I’m sleeping through the night!!

Now if I have a glass of wine it’s to enjoy not to Aid in my sleep!

Bonus testimony…
I am also now 4 weeks FREE of leg cramps!!


back pain

this is and update on me and my back. A little history for you all – had back surgery in 1998 many yrs back. well as anyone knows sometimes the surgery don’t work and u still have to be careful etc and deal with the pain when it decides to act up.

well yesterday my husband and I worked in our back yard for 4.5 hours, hauling off wet leaves in a trailer- alot of bending over and twisting etc, then we hauled 40 concrete blocks from the front to the back, again bending over and twisting, then we tore down a huge sand box 6’x5′ and moved all that sand etc, the same thing, twisting and bending over etc.. more than I normally would be doing. Anyway, I normally would be out and in bed for at least 3 days because my back would be in horrible pain from all the work yesterday. and I told my husband, be ready u know how my back is.. we bought laughed and went about our day.

so come that evening, we were in town shopping and I told him, we needed to go home because I can feel my back starting to cramp up.

so we left and as soon as we got home I applied the Ultimate healing pain cream over my lower back area, and both arms and my right leg which was starting to have that burning feeling..

and went to bed.


I was able to get out of bed like normal and we even did errands this morning and no pain..


I am SOLD on these products..


Relief for Pain, Sleeplessness, Anxiousness and a Musculoskeletal whole-body Pain

January 4th 2019
For the last several weeks I have been without my CTFO CBD hemp oil due to a problem with it getting lost in the mail. My no charge replacement is on its way, however not having my oil made me realize the remarkable change its made in my life.

And so I decided that it was time to write my testimonial. For starters I’ve had problems with anxiousness most of my adult life that get pretty extreme.

I was also in a car accident about 5 years ago which left me with several inoperable disc related issues in my back. The accident also left me with constant neck and leg pain. I was at a point in my life that I couldn’t handle standing for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Another cause of my pain was from Musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues, which is a long-term pain disorder. If I was sitting down for any period of time, I would need to pull myself up and then stand for a few minutes before I would gain the ability to move my feet and walk. Even then it was more of shuffle than a walk because I couldn’t lift my feet off the ground.

Another one of the problems I was experiencing was trouble with my sleep. I would frequently wake up during the night crying and feeling scared, after seeing a counsellor and psychiatrist, I was told that this was caused by panic attacks in my sleep.

The final issue I have is multiple digestive disorders which includes being intolerant to lactose and gluten. I also experience regular and long-term stomach acid “backing up”, and constipation.
So you can just imagine the cocktail of medications I had to take every day! One day I decided to order a bottle of CTFO CBD 500mg full spectrum hemp oil. I began with half a dropper twice a day and within two days I started to feel a huge difference. I was almost completely without pain.

After a few more days I was excited to start trying things like walking upstairs one foot in front of the other and it felt almost effortless. I would go out of the house to Tim Hortons and enjoy standing and walking to the bathroom. I felt younger and had way more confidence. My anxious feelings were completely under control, and I went an entire month where I didn’t have to take any pain medication – and only had one day in the entire month that I had to take a pill for my anxiousness.

I also started experimenting with food and noticed I could eat lactose without having a reaction to it, I wanted to give gluten a try as well but I didn’t feel ready for that yet. On top of all of this my stomach problems were gone as well; I had no acid backup or constipation.

Out of all my problems the only thing that didn’t completely go away was my issues from Musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues, which is a long-term pain disorder. flare ups. It is for this reason that my new order is for the 750 mg and I am confident this will get rid of that situation, too.

As well as ordering the stronger dose I ordered multiple bottles so that I will never be in this position again. I wrote this testimonial today to tell people that no matter what the health issue is you’re experiencing, CBD is worth giving a try. Even if you give CBD a try and find it doesn’t work for you the company will take an empty bottle back and fully reimburse you within 60 days.

CBD does not contain any THC so if you’re like me, you don’t have to worry about it having a “high” effect on you. lifeCBD has truly changed my , and I encourage anyone to try it.

On top of all the medical benefits it helps clear your mind and gets rid of that foggy feeling that many people struggle with. I’m not much of a talker, so even people who know me may not know all of this information I’ve shared with you today. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.


** Severe Throbbing and Pulsing Pain in Head Relief **

MY husband came home from work with a severe throbbing and pulsing pain in his head and was having problems seeing clearly, normally he takes meds and it wipes him out totally. He came home, so he had 5 drops, then 3, then 5 and another 5. (He did it gradually as he had never taken it before). Total of 18 drops and it worked. He would normally have to write the rest if the day off, but was just left with a slight headache. He was up and functioning afterwards. He was very impressed with results.
This was 500mg isolate oil.


Shoulder Pain Relief

I’ve had problems with shoulder injury or inflammation of a bursa around the shoulder joint off and on for several years. I have shoulder pain that aches all down my arm and ends with tingling in my hand. I tried all OTC pain relievers (aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, ibuprofen), prescription painkillers (Lortab, steroids), athletic taping…….Most didn’t help at all. The taping and steroids both helped a little, but the pain returned full force when I stopped them.

On a whim, I tried 300 mg CBD oil…..just once daily. Within 2 days, pain/tingling was reduced!! I thought I must be imagining it, but it’s been several months and still no reoccurrence. I am now a true believer in CBD.

My grandparents used to grow hemp, and I’m so happy it’s coming back into favor for so many uses.


Pain Relief

My Grandfather who is 86 was electrocuted in his 30s.
Electricity went thru his leg and out his eye. He is in excruciating pain and spends most of his days rocking back and forth in severe pain. He decided to try the 1500 mg as of last night. I spoke with him today on the phone and he said the spasms in his body are ceasing and he is elated in the cbd oil now. He was out of options and to his surprise he’s getting relief he hasn’t had in years!! Unbelievable!!!


Joint Inflammation Relief

My mom is 81 years old and has Inflammation of the Joints in her knee with large amount of swelling. She has tried the normal routine, prescription pain meds and cortisone shots only to have short term relief.

A few weeks ago she started consuming CTFO- CBD Hemp Oil 500mg. Pain is gone, swelling is gone and she is back to walking the neighborhood approx.1 1/2 miles. So glad we found the great brand of CBD Oil backed by a great company CTFO.

She is so excited about not hurting anymore.


Low Kidney Function and Pain Relief

This is a second testimonial for my husband.
In the last few months his kidney function results have been low, he’s been taking anti inflammation medications for pain (not anymore he uses our oil).
We see a nephrologist next week. On a whim I asked him to have his levels tested again before we go, since he has been on the oil now for about a month. Results from yesterday’s lab draw… His numbers went from 30 to 48!!! You can’t make this up!

We will still see the doctor next week, but we are both very excited and much more hopeful.
He’s using the 1500 mgs for pain and now it’s also helping his kidney’s.


Joint inflammation and Pain Relief

I have had two hip replacements. I also have two knees with joint inflammation and pain. I really didn’t want to go through knee surgery.

My doctor suggested shots, but he cautioned me that they were not a permanent solution. I’ve had three series of shots over the last two years or so. The last treatment was five shots spaced over five weeks. I’ve been due for another series but had been putting it off.

As I said in a previous post, I began using a Hemp oil product. Then my daughter introduced me to CTFO. I have been using the Pain FreeEZ Rub for a couple of weeks now with excellent results. I don’t think I will need the knee surgery! Using the cream I am pretty much pain free.

I have ordered the 10X Pure because as a distributor I feel we need to become familiar with the products. I am also trying some of the anti-aging products too. Love them.


Nutrient Deficiency, Fatigue & Pain Relief

I suffer from nutrient deficiency and feeling super tired and my whole body aching daily.

I take iron pills but the pain would still remain. Plus I’m heavy set and have knee and ankle issues. Not mention I had anxiousness and mood swings. Since I have been using CBD I have No Pain, No Inflammation, No Stress plus it helps my Mood and suppresses my appetite!!

I’m beyond Excited… to be a part of something that seriously is Life Changing..


Pain Free-ze Rub

Tonight, my daughter who is 13 had leg cramps from growing pains. I sold all my other creams and only had the Pain Free-ze Rub. I thought “well, hopefully this works”… ! Put a little all over her legs and told her to lay still. It wasn’t 10 minutes later she looked at me and smiled saying “That stuff really works Mom!! My pain is gone!!” Thank you CTFO for all the wonderful products that help our bodies!!!


Nagging Pain Relief

For the first time in the 25 years since I returned from serving in the Gulf War, there are times in my days now in which I am totally pain free. I almost don’t know how to act, because I have always hurt continuously.

I don’t care about making a lot of money selling CBD oil, but the idea of sharing my story and helping many other pain sufferers including disabled veterans like myself excites me!


Joint inflammation and Herniated Disc relief

I am a RA patient and I have joint inflammation in my hips and disc herniation in my L3,L4,L5. Pain And numbness radiates from my right hip down to my toes.
It’s worse in the mornings and if I sit over 15 -20 min or even stand or walk or laying down over 15- 20 mins. So I’m constantly up and down moving around for relief. My knuckles are Soo stiff in the mornings and they aches really bad.
Great news! Since trying the CBD oil deep healing cream I’ve was able to get out of bed this morning with minimal stiffness and I slept really good. I had hardly any stiffness in my fingers this morning. I rose feeling better than I had in a long time since using CTFO deep healing pain cream.
Barely any stiffness in my hips or fingers and low back pain was also diminished a lot. Thank you CTFO! This is amazing.


Weight Loss and Pain Relief

Everyone that knows me know I’ve been on organics to lose and maintain weight and also pain control.
I have 2 curved lumbar 5 herniated disc with sciatic nerves. I had laminectomy surgery in 2014 I also have a strained rotator cuff and joint inflammation. I’m usually in pain and lethargic. I’m supposed to use prescription drugs for pain.
I can honestly say since using CBD oil I’m not in pain period if I use the oil 2xs a day. I feel twinges the next day so that’s my reminder to take my oil drops.
I also have an energy boost that’s indescribable and as far as rest every night it’s like I’m in Euphoria. It’s a blessing too.
Last but not least. I’m not on any psyche meds right now to improve my sense of well being or emotional distress from traumatic events that I used to take. My attitude and personality has been even keel.
This company is a blessing with these products. That’s just the oil. I’ll be getting everything we offer because they all work beyond better than amazing. I share because I care. I love the opportunity and I love people and helping others.
CBD Products will help Change Your Future Outcome in HEALTH.


Pain, Joint Inflammation, & Throbbing Headache Relief

I feel so blessed that something has finally worked.

I have had hormone imbalance issues since I was 20, and all the things that go with that, I have joint inflammation that has been progressing for the last 5 years.. I have had throbbing headaches since I was 20 and there has only been one prescription that’s worked and it’s outrageously expensive.I have tried everything to just make it through the day. When you have significant pain, you’ll try anything to make it go away.

I have only been on the 750 mg drops for about 10 days now and I have so much less joint pains, it literally takes away my headaches in 20 minutes, and I have my energy back.

Folks, this is huge. CTFO CBD oil drops are less expensive than just my over the counter pain killers per month.

I am finally living the Baby Boomers dream.


Pet Sense Of Well Being

Dog Treats worked great! Whenever we travel, our dogs become very anxious. I gave the CBD dog treats to our dogs and they were calm and relaxed for several hours.


Relief for Sleep Deprivation


I’m on night 4 of the spray and it has honestly blown me away!

I have suffered with sleep deprivation most if my adult life and other things didn’t work.

I was just managing to sleep at around 3am with the help of herbal sleep tablets and sleep hypnosis but sleep wasn’t ever guaranteed.

Until the Spray!!
2 sprays under the tongue and within 20-30 mins I’m asleep. Deep sleep waking up refreshed!


300mg CBD Oil- Cervical Neck Pain

I have suffered with Cervical Neck pain since I was 13 I am now 33, I was in a few accidents that caused my cervical neck to curve the wrong direction because of prolonged muscle spasms and tightness. I have frequented the chiropractor for years which has been a blessing. About 1 year ago I started using acupuncture in conjunction with chiropractor again a godsend. I continue to go for regular adjustments and keep good spinal health. Although the pain has lessened and not as frequent I still continue to have problems with my neck, and sometimes wake up in the morning with no cervical motion, this is painful and many times if I am not able to get into see the chiropractor I am miserable for days.
So this past week-I’ve been on CBD oil for 2 weeks. I woke up one morning with the intense pain in my neck/shoulder, headache and unable to turn my neck. I still continued to take my CBD oil. My usual go to when this happens in ice, heat, muscle relaxants and ibuprofen. I increased my CBD dose and within 1-day I am symptom free. This is unheard of, as I usually suffer for days until I am able to get in to see my amazing chiropractor. I am a believer and know that we can impact so many other peoples lives with simple solutions. 


Pesky outdoor bug reactions

For some reason, I have had horrible reactions to mosquitos this year. Not to mention the mosquito population doubles the population of China! I was on my patio the other evening and got bit. I thought of my CBD oil and all the research I have done, so I applied a drop to the bite and rubbed it in. Guess what? It’s gone!


High pressure in the arteries and sleeplessness relief

So here is my testimonial so far. Let me tell you, I feel fantastic this morning.
Some of you know that I’ve been dealing with high pressure in my arteries for a long time now, we are talking 154-179/95-101
This is with meds. This issue had caused me headaches(10 on a 1-10 scale for pain) , sleeplessness and anxiousness. This morning I checked my blood pressure………….124/82. It has not been in this range for a long time. I feel calmer, not as stressed and have been sleeping great. Usually when I wake of a morning, I seriously feel like death, not the last few days.
I’m so happy that I decided to bite the bullet and try this. Even though sometimes we don’t have the extra money, this will be a top priority for me from now on.
I’ve even had one of my customers comment on how happy I was today compared to normal.
I hope you guys will try it soon, I just know you will not be disappointed.
Ooh and btw, my severe knee pain that I used to grin and bear, now is barely noticeable.
What a win for me.


Pain Relief

Hi everyone today is May 6th 2018 happy birthday to me I have never as far as I can remember felt as good as I do today CBD oil has changed my life in the best ways possible I am totally pain free today no tennis elbow no trigger finger no sciatic or back pain I use no pain medication at all

I started with one bottle of CBD 500 my second bottle of CBD 1500 I am currently using. I have optimal blood sugar regulation, 3 weeks ago I felt my lowered sense of well being was totally gone but I am feeling better every single day I am taking one serving of CBD 1500 per day and have never felt better all I can say is thank you I love my pain free life.


Optimal Blood Sugar Regulation…

Hello Everyone… Well I guess it’s time for a Testimonial, I’ve been taking my drops now for two solid weeks and I was hoping to see a slight improvement in my blood sugar numbers.
Much to my surprise this morning when I took my sugar levels I was actually at a 99 which for me Is absolutely amazing. (26 point drop in two weeks)
Now, I haven’t changed my diet or anything else radical in my life.
I can completely attribute this life changing event to my CBD oil. (500 mg strength)
Also, lets not leave out the overall benefit of just feeling better.
I’m looking forward to seeing my doctor in the near future to discuss a reduction of my daily meds.
So lets keep the faith and march on to bring wellness to the world!!!



If you know me, you would know that I was hit with extreme pain in my back and down my right leg caused my Sciatic Nerve 2 years ago. What happened was I went to Florida with my family & the very next morning my back was hurting me and by 6 pm, my son had to take me to emergency. I was crying, moaning, shaking, sweating & my heart was beating really fast. I felt like getting sick & passing out. I don’t wish that kind of pain on anyone. They gave me a shot for pain & sent me home with a bunch of pain meds that didn’t work very well. I was sick and in pain for 3 months. In & out of the emergency a few times. I lived & slept on a walker for those 3 months. Could not drive. My husband took me too Physio, Chiropractors, Messengers, Acupuncture everything I can think of.

On the 4th month I went for a Cortisone shot. Yes I had relief but once 3 months was up, I was back in the same condition again & had to get a cortisone shot over and over again. But hey, I still had to be on those horrible pain meds that was killing my stomach & still couldn’t get around like I liked too.
I was told that CBD Oil would help me get off of all the Advil I was swallowing every day.
I was taking 4 extra strengths everyday. At times 5 or 6. Do you think that was good for my
stomach & joints? I think not!

I was told to try CBD Oil. So my doctor said that will help me get off the Advil. I went to the
Cannabidiol Centre for a prescription. They wanted $350.00 per month for CBD Oil!!! It was like what! I couldn’t afford that!
So Thank God I found this company, through a friend, that’s way more affordable! PLUS there is a way I can get my products for free & make an income at the same time!!! How amazing is that!

I ordered the 500 CBD Oil Drops & I’m down to 2 Advil’s a day. My next order will be the 700 CBD. If I need to go higher, that’s fine as long I can say goodbye to the pain and Advil for good. So looking forward to dumping these Advil’s that are killing my gut, my joints, making me dizzy & tired.

Thank You My Friend For Showing Me A Better Life With CTFO & The CBD Oil!!!
The Company Is A God Sent To Me.

Now I want to help everyone that is suffering in any pain in their lives. It’s a grand feeling to help


* business opportunity

I became an associate in January, and just by showing friends and family how CTFO is helping me, I have over 40 enrollees and new customers almost every day this week! I was with an MLM for years and never had this kind of success this quickly! Keep sharing keep caring! That’s the key! Thank you to my enroller and my team! I do believe this is my ship coming in! I made it from Active Associate to Executive Manager in the last 2 weeks!


Deep Healing Pain Cream w/Emu Oil & Hip Pain

My personal testimonial today!!
This deep healing pain cream is the BOMB!!
I’ve used doctor recommended, Chinese herbs and OTC pain creams … But this CBD Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil took my hip pain away, which has been bothering me for a few months now. I asked my hubs to rub it on for me last night, sitting all day it was hurting. I also had a headache that seemed to be all across my forhead. I put the pain cream on my forehead while he rubbed it into my hip. Within minutes I felt the tension release in my head, I could relax. And my hip, since I was in bed I couldn’t tell if the pain went away last night. But this morning I feel like I never had any hip pain!!! And that’s after only one time use! I’m doing the happy dance. I can’t even believe how amazing these products work!!

I also liked the texture, smooth, creamy easy to rub into the skin and the scent is not over bearing either. I highly recommend this product anyone experiencing muscle pain, joint pain, headaches..etc.

You don’t have to live in pain or rely on prescription drugs to feel good!!! There’s all natural solutions that work wonders!!

Hurry up and get back to the person sharing this testimonial with you!


Sleeplessness relief

I have been taking my 500cbd oil for awhile now. Awaiting my arrival of auto ship, I am out of my oil as of Friday the 13th.
And I have had to result to o.t.c.
As of this morning, I slept horribly Saturday night, I am sluggish after 3 cups of coffee, and my mind is so foggy….I am totally sold on this product!!!
I cannot return to living on our .t.c. meds, and refuse to!!! Actually, I have saved money from NOT spending on other meds just from being on my oils.!


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