CTFO CBD Sunscreen Is SPF 30 As Well As A Moisturizer

Allow your skin to fall in love with the sun again by using CTFO Sunscreen and Moisturizer. This sheer and gentle formulation is full of great antioxidants that help to protect all different skin types against those UV rays. Our hemp oil suntan lotion is a water-resistant formulation that is SPF 30 and is infused with our high quality full spectrum CBD oil. Reap the rewards and benefits of 20 mg of CBD hydrating lotion all while defending your precious skin from the sun. So get out there and be active!

Utilizing a hemp sunscreen before sun exposure can aid in preventing short plus long term damage from the sun as well as support your general skin health. Did you know that exposure to the sun is the primary cause of dark spots, fine lines, and  premature skin aging. Don’t let it happen to you.


Preferred Price: $39.97 USD 

Retail Price:$55.97 USD

CTFO CBD sunscreen bottle