Hemp Shampoo with AnaGain

Hemp Shampoo

Preferred Price: $49.97 USD

Retail Price: $65.97 USD

If you’ve been wanting fuller, thicker hair then this hemp shampoo will make your day! For one reason or another hair can be thin or even kind of patchy. Maybe it’s age, perhaps genetics, but regardless of the cause this CBD shampoo with AnaGain can help out.

This hemp shampoo is the 1st step of a 4 step product system designed to increase hair growth. AnaGain stimulates molecules in the hair to re-activate and help promote hair growth. AnaGain combined with 50mg of CBD per container is an awesome combination that helps to give your hair what it needs to grow fuller and thicker! This shampoo is designed to be used in a four step system but can it certainly be used separately.

For best results use the full system which also consists of the conditioner, hair serum and hair mask.