CTFO produces some of the worlds best CBD oils. The oils are organic and come from hemp grown in the U.S. They are also free of pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. Throw in great prices and a 60 day money back guarantee and you have the makings of a great CBD product.

Another reason CTFO CBD oil is so well known is it’s full spectrum. This creates an effective product that gives you all of CBD’s benefits.

One of the most common questions I get is “What quality is your CDB and does it contain any significant amounts of THC?” While I could just say its the best quality available and no there is hardly any THC in the product, I would rather do one better and show you the 3rd party lab results of CTFO CBD oil. The science doesn’t lie. Note the virtually non-existent THC percentage! (We also have CBD isolate with ZERO THC)

If you are looking for even more proof, then check out our CTFO cbd reviews here.

Full Spectrum Oil 300mg

300mg FS results pg1
300mg FS results pg2
300mg FS results pg3
300mg FS results pg4
300mg FS results pg5
300mg FS results pg6

Full Spectrum Oil 500mg

500mg FS results pg1
500mg FS results pg2
500mg FS results pg3
500mg FS results pg4
500mg FS results pg5
FS 500mg pg 6

Full Spectrum Oil 750mg

750mg FS results pg1
750mg FS results pg2
750mg FS results pg3
750mg FS results pg4
750mg FS results pg5
750mg FS results pg6

Full Spectrum Oil 1500mg

1500mg FS results pg1
1500mg FS results pg2
1500mg FS results pg3
1500mg FS results pg4
1500mg FS results pg5
1500mg FS results pg6

Isolate Oil 500mg

500mg Isolate results pg1
500mg Isolate results pg2
500mg Isolate results pg3
500mg Isolate results pg4
500mg Isolate results pg5
lab report isolate 500mg pg 6

Isolate Oil 1500mg

1500mg Isolate results pg1
1500mg Isolate results pg2
1500mg Isolate results pg3
1500mg Isolate results pg4
1500mg Isolate results pg5
1500mg Isolate results pg6

10x Pure Hydrophilic Oil 500mg

10x pure results pg1
10x pure 1500mg results pg2

10x Pure Hydrophilic Oil 1500mg

10x pure 1500mg results pg1
10x pure 1500mg results pg2

Pretty impressive right? That’s what you get for results when you use CO2 extraction in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified facility on Organic US hemp that’s non-GMO and pesticide free. Our products are so good we have a 60 day empty bottle guarantee.